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Scientific name: Hyacinthus Orientalis
Origin: Mediterranean Region, Minor Asia
Description: The hyacinth is a spring blooming bulb. Its leaves are long and narrow with sharp edges and a pointed tip. Around 30-45 centimetres high, the solid floral spike bears a multitude of arched campanulate flowers of which are highly scented. The colours can range from purple, blue, pink, red, salmon, yellow, or white. 
Lighting: Intense during the growth period. No lighting needed during the rest period.
Watering: During the period of forcing and growth, as soon as the soil begins to dry. Leave to dry before planting.
Temperature: Cold (1ºC-5ºC) during the forcing period. Prefers cool temperatures (13ºC-18ºC) during the flowering period. Tolerates warmer temperatures during the vegetative growth period. 
Humidity: Requires a humid atmosphere throughout the growing season (forcing, flowering, vegeting). Tolerates dry air during the rest period.
Fertilizer: No fertilization is necessary. If grown for transplanting to the garden, fertilize with a high-potassium fertilizer during the vegetative growth period. 

*Plant doesn't come with the cover pot.