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Scientific name: Cyclamen Persicum  
: Middle-east, Greece, Mediterranean Islands  
Overview: The cyclamen consists of heart-shaped leaves that are variously variegated with silver. These leaves are borne on a red or pink leafstalk that comes directly from a large tubercle. The erect floral stems curve at the tip and bears a single flower with broad petals turned upwards, giving the impression of a butterfly. Flowering is often continual and especially abundant from September to May.

  • Lighting: Intense to Medium. 
  • Watering: As soon as the soil begins to dry during the growing season. Allow the soil to dry out during the rest period.
  • Temperature: Modern cultivars tolerate normal temperatures, preferring cool temperatures: 13ºC-18ºC during the day, and up to 5ºC at night. 
  • Humidity: Humid atmosphere during the growing season. Tolerates dry air during the rest period.
  • Fertilizer: Balanced (20-20-20 All Purpose) or for green plants during the growth period.

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