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Scientific name: Dieffenbachia 
Origin: Tropical America  
Overview: The dieffenbachia is a large green plant producing a tall, fleshy, green stalk, stripped to a good length and marked with foliar scars. It has large, oblong green leaves that are pointed at the extremity and is almost always marbled with white, yellow or cream. 
Lighting: Medium to Low in the summer. However, prefers intense lighting in the winter.
Watering: Allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings. Water less frequently if plant has low light. 
Temperature: Normal. Minimum 16ºC
Humidity: Tolerates dry air quite well, but prefers a humid atmosphere at al times. 
Fertilizer: Balanced (20-20-20 All Purpose) or for green plants during the growth period.
* Plants do not come with cover pot.